Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Decked out for the 4th!

Well ok, I'll post this picture.
I hate pictures of myself. This picture is after I lost 60 pounds since March! So just imagine what I looked like then! eeyyuuu! No, don't!
I still have another 100 pounds to go, but I will keep at it. The weight fell off quickly when I quit insulin. Now the struggle begins. It was tough this week with all the BBQ's I went to! I cannot eat like that daily, that is for sure!

This also shows my eyes. I have always had puffy eyes, so what makeup I wear doesn't show very much or else rubs right off. I don't think the eyeliner tattooes look bad at all. In answer to all the questions, No it didn't hurt bad at all. It was more irritating than anything. The next day was like a burning sensation. Kinda like after you cried yourself to sleep (not that I have ever done that). Hmmppff!
The most of it has faded, and will be re-enhanced August 4th. I guess they expect that, and book the next appointment when they do the initial liner.

Well today was the only day I haven't had a big plan. I went to Bible study tonight but other than that, I slept and did nothing all day. Well I did the laundry, but that was only two loads. Ok, so I cannot just do NOTHING!! I am off until Monday, but I am doing something every day.
I love life and take advantage of every day!!
Have a great 7th everybody!!

Remember the three R's:
Respect for self; Respect for others; and responsibility for all your actions.