Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Purple Moose got me!! Here goes. . .

1. If you were a celebrity, what kind would it be (movies, tv, literature, crime, etc)?

A: Literature - I'd put Stephen King to the test!!

2. Which other celebrities would you make a concerted effort to try and be around?

A: Hmmmmmm, Oprah, Stephen King, of course, Janet Evanovich, Dana Stabenow, J.A. Jance & other mystery novelists. OH! and Jack Nicholson! For an old man I love his disgusting antics, and I think he is sexy!

3. Which other celebrities would you avoid like the plague?

A:The stupid jerk that played in the "Rocky" movies. & Joan Rivers

4. Which celebrities would you date?

A: John Travolta, Nicolas Cage.

5. What would be your "Celebrity Cause"?

A: Clean & Sober living. Making it easier for people to get into treatment centers when they want one.

6. Since celebs always get off, what crime(s) would you commit?

A: Probably nothing.

7. What would be the name of your tell-all book?

A: "Look out, I'm Clean & Sober and Telling All!!

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