Friday, November 21, 2003

Yahoo TGIF

Well thank goodness it is Friday!! I had a weird week. After the deck dance I did in the wee hours yesterday morning trying to see the Northern Lights, (If someone saw me, they'd think I was doing some kind of obscene ritual to the ice God, but in fact all I was doing was trying to get my fat ass off the icy deck and trying to get my flannel nightgown unstuck without ripping it off me) I was getting into the company van and noticed I had stepped in dog poop!! Soooo, here I was doing another dance only this time I was on my feet. I guess it looked like I was trying to do the moon walk on the frosty grass. My bachelor neighbor whistled out his kitchen window at me and asked if I was ok, and I said no...fresh dog poop!!! He laughed. The dear doggie found just the right spot to deposit his prize for me. Right in front of the drivers door of the van!!
Ah well. So today I woke up very stiff and sore from my fall. I had landed on my butt and my right leg was under me. I noticed this morning that I have two black and blue toes!! I shiver to think what my butt looks like, but I won't go there, nor will I allow anyone else to either!! I am looking forward to this weekend. It might snow Sunday!!! YIPPEE!!! I now have a bag of salt at my front door in case I have the urge to run out and look into the sky again!! Well I need to get to my "Happy hour" meeting!!