Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Yahoo, it is Hump day, so where's my Hump? Must be a family curse!!
The only hump I get is on the back of my neck!!! Where the Hell did that come from???? I look in the mirror, and see things that absolutely do not belong there!! It seems that things happened overnight!! Maybe it will go away overnight too!! hahahahaha And my hair???? Where did it go??? Girls aren't supposed to lose their hair!!! I used to have thick bouncy beautiful hair, now it is drab and alot thinner!! The Aliens landed and took me to their spaceship and did strange things to me and deposited the remains!! And my Betty Boop shaped face!! Where did these jowls come from???
Okay, I quit!! Give me back myself. I don't like this game any more I am pulling my pants up and going home!!