Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Well I feel like I should enter something, but I actually have a blank!! It has poured all day today which I LOVE!!! It cleans all the pollen out of the air!! I have been busy at work getting drivers trained for the road. Part of the training includes distractions, and scenarios on how they can handle different situations. Well I have alot of fun with that!! I am taking my horn with me tomorrow to get them every time they take their eyes off the road, and when they take their hands off the wheel They will learn to hate me!! hehehehehehehe!! Then Thurday we will be on the County roads and I will take my handy little siren with me!! BUAAHAHAHAHA
I am getting ready to make a schedule for visiting the Senior Centers and the rest homes for Christmas!! I will dress as an elf and have Santa Clause with me and hand out candy canes and fruit and sing Christmas Carols. I get all tingly doing that!! Leslie can relate to that!! I am trying to talk my sister into going with me. She would have a blast!!