Sunday, November 30, 2003

Back to work!!

Well it is Sunday night and I am almost excited to get back to work!!! I feel like I missed an entire week. I DID!!! I always feel like I am playing hookie when I stay home sick. Guilt takes over and I feel like I really shouldn't stay home, but when you run a fever it is not doing anyone a favor by trying to be a martyr and go to work sick!! I have my clothes laid out, and lunch made all excited to get back in the swing of things!!!
Now I am looking forward to next weekend!! We have our Christmas Party at the Indian Casino!! I don't gamble, but I might try my luck in a few machines. I want to decorate my house this week too! I have mostly homemade ornaments that I like to put on a real tree. I love the smell of a fresh tree, and I have yet to find the perfect fake tree that looks like a Noble Fir!!
Some people feel like it is horrible to get a tree and throw it away after the holidays. I know these trees were planted just for the purpose to sell for Christmas trees, therefore I like to keep the people in business!!