Sunday, November 02, 2003

Crash Sunday!!

Well I just talked with my sister and she said she was reading my "nonblog" I asked what that was and she said nothing!! In other words shje knew I was either busy or doing NOTHING!! Well I try to save my Sundays for doing NOTHING!!! I got so tired out from yesterday that today I crashed.
I was busy all day yesterday. I had my hair dyed at 9:00 then came home and dressed and went to the Church at 11:00 to help out with a wedding that was scheduled for 2:00. Everything went well until the bride was getting dressed at 1:45. She was putting on her backless bra and the sticky pad that holds it on her did not stick, so I ran out to my car and got my EMT first aid kit and got the 3" tape and taped it on her. hahahaha then she was getting dressed and realized she didn't have her slip. We looked at her and could
see through her slinky beige dress and could see her thong, garter belt and bra right through the dress. So someone ran to her house to get a slip. The wedding began 1/2 hour late. During the ceremony the Pastor was asking her to repeat, and he was asking her to commit things to her marriage and he said "and all her worldly goods" she did a whiplash to him like to say "WHAT???". She owns her own trailer and car. They both are unemployed at the moment and he is on the mend from alcoholism. It was a funny moment.
Then the Pastor was announcing to them and was saying their names and he said "Randy and Larry" hahahahahahaha He meant to say "Randy and Cheryl". We all burst out laughing at those moments!! All in all it was a great wedding.
I got home around 5:30 totally EXHAUSTED!!! I did some chores and was going to bed about 2:00 AM and took two Tylenol PM. I read for an hour then woke up at 11:00 this morning!!!!! I got up and did a little crochet and started my laundry, saw my cat curled up on my bed and laid next to her and just woke up!!! it is 3:30!!!! So my entire weekend was shot. All I want to do is sleep today.
It is cold here!! Frost every night. It snowed in Olympia, but not here.
I stayed home Halloween to hand out candy to 150 kids and got only 8!!!! So I now have way too much candy!! I will take it to work to put in my cookie jar. I have a jar that looks like a policeman, and when you open his head he says real loud "Stop!! Move away from the cookie jar". Everyone comes in and tries to sneak my candy. I actually have it full for them and especially the buswash guys. They think they are really getting away with something!! hahahaha I can be in a meeting and we can barely here the cookie jar and someone will say "Phyllis, someone is in your cookie jar" HAHAHAHAHA
Tomorrow starts another week. And away we go!!