Monday, November 03, 2003

Away for three days

Well I am going to Olympia for three days coming back Thursday night. I am going to a class for work. I found a new clothing store the last time I was down there and got a charge card. Today the mail brought me a book of sales coupons for 30-50% off for the store!!! CHAAAAAAARGE!!!!!!!!

Dang, these trips are costing me too much money!!

Gee, I can hardly wait to come home and see what my sister has done to my blog page!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh my gosh!!! I cannot believe my own eyes!! There is a new show on tv that shows a pretty girl looking for the perfect GEEK??? HUH??? Are we a sick society or what??? Is this what they call entertainment??? And the stupid show Fear Factor!!??? Do people really like this shit??? Now a good show like "ER" or "Third Watch" or "Trauma Life in the ER" That is a good show!!

Later, folks