Friday, November 28, 2003

Hold on tight!!

Whew, the wind is a blowin!!! It started about 4 this morning, and I woke up at 8:30 gasping for air. ( I use a CPAP machine at night to breathe because I have sleep Apnea) When the power goes off the machine stops, and there I lay with a mask over my nose waking up gasping for air!! The first time that happened I just knew I was having a heart attack!! Then I realized that the power was off and to pull the mask off my face so I could breathe. I now have a portable battery pack that I keep charged for nights like this. I also take it camping with me!! I'm sure people walk by my tent wondering what the hell that humming noise is coming from my tent?!! I also have a battery powered toothbrush I use. I realized one night that the toothbrush was rather loud, and there were some people sitting around the campfire while I was brushing my teeth in my tent. It got really quiet, then I thought "OH GOD"!!! So I walked out of the tent yelling it's my toothbrush guys!!! Everyone giggled at that!!
Well my sister came and got me and we drove out to the Ferry Landing (2 miles away) to watch the waves hit the beach and fly into the air. I have a friend that lives on the beach and his house was getting wet!! High tide was the same time the storm was heavy. I have seen worse, but it is still fun to go watch. They stopped the Ferry because of the wind. I've been on it at times when the wind was so bad that waves actually go over the entire ferry. Once I heard a big crash from the galley when we went over a huge wave, and the huge coffee pot had fallen. They closed the galley then and that was the last run for that day!! I'd rather be on the beach watching the ferry bobbing in the waves.
Well I think I should post and run before we lose power again!!
Remember the commercial in the early 60's when they shrunk the Kleenex boxes? They used to be bigger, then they pressed the air out of them and made them smaller. The commercial had a guy walking head in to the wind holding onto his hat yealling "They're squeezing the air out of the kleenex boxes"!! No? hmmmmm, I'm getting old!!