Wednesday, November 26, 2003

What is TV coming to????

Am I living in the dark ages, or what?? I just saw an advertisement for "queer eyes for the straight guys". HUH??? Now we can say "queer?" I am not a prude by all means, and I am not homophobic, but whaaaa? What is this show about? And what are all these "real tv" stuff? "The Bachelor" women cry when they aren't picked..."The Survivor"...... Fear factor? My biggest fear is to be tied up and put in a room with a tv and made to watch all these stupid shows!! I will admit I watch one of the stupidist show on the air, and I love it..."Will & Grace" it is not Will, but his gay (or should I say queer now?) friend and his drunk gal friend Karen that steals the show!! I am doing alot more reading now-a-days!!