Thursday, November 20, 2003

Northern Lights!!

I got a call this morning at 5:00 AM from a friend telling me the Northern Lights are on display. I jump out of bed and run to the deck and couldn't see anything but some streaks of fog, so I go to the lower deck to see out back, and next thing I know, I am flat on my back!! I should've known better as I did the exact same thing two years ago!! Only then I knocked myself out cold!! This morning I caught myself before my head hit the step that goes down to the lower deck.
I am 54 years old and a large woman. I was wearing my 3/4 length flannel nightgown. Did you know that warm flannel sticks to frost? Well here I am trying to get up, and my feet kept sliding out from under me!! I tried to slide to the step, but I was stuck to the frost, and was choking myself. I tried again to get up, and all this time I am grunting and moaning then I get half way up and fall again then I scream. I live in a mobile home park, and my neighbor's house is about 20 feet away from my house. Their bedroom is right next to my deck. I can imagine what they are thinking with me making all that moaning, grunting and screaming noises!! They are probably giving each other the high five thinking "yippee, Phyllis is getting some, you go, girl!!" I finally crawl over to the upper deck and get myself up. I then go to the front, and see the Northern Lights streaking across the sky. I like to share my excitement, so I called my brother and sister. (I'm sure Mary Lou will tell you her side). Later I got a call from my sister asking me to come get her and take her to the hospital. She fell too, but landed on her knees!! (Go figure) She said she was ok, but wanted to let me know she fell. We both should've known better, we go to bed thinking it will snow over night. So if it is clear, we should think it is icy, huh? Family trait.....STUPIDNESS!!
I go back to bed for an hour, and now I am really sore!! I pulled the muscles on my right side from my neck down to my knees. Swell, I just came back from seeing a Neurosurgeon about my neck and lower back. I am supposed to get a Steroid shot in my neck. I have degenerative disc diease in my neck and bone spurs, resulting in much pain in my lower back. Ah, life after 50 is quite an eye opener!!
Well time to try and get ready for work!! Hope everyone has a great day!!