Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Luncheon was a success!

Well the only real stress I had was the last minute phone ins, and getting their name badges made.
We had a great speaker and she seemed to touch everyone with her story. I related to it that's for sure!!
Candy is nearly 80 years old and a real kick! We knew each other before sobriety, and it was funny meeting each other in the halls of AA!!! Her blouse looks like her arms were tattooed which really wouldn't surprise anyone at all! She has helped many a gal entering into sobriety. Me as one.
These four posed for the camera knowing I was going to put it on my blog. The one in the white blouse is Rex's friend.
These gals also posed for me. Roxie in the middle reads my blog and usually answers via email or phone call. I try to get her to start a blog. Maybe some day.
I can't show you any more pictures without breaking some people's anonymity. The entire day was fun and went fast. The meal was boneless teriyaki chicken, vegetable lasagna, green beans, rice pilaf, salad bar and assorted pies. I think everyone was satisfied. I didn't hear any complaints.
So how was your Saturday?

Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you
are wonderful.
-Ann Landers