Friday, May 05, 2006

Yesterday during my lunch hour I went to the National Day of Prayer celebration at our Courthouse steps. Pastors from different Churches (mostly evangelical)said prayers. The Mayor (one of my classmates) said a speech, Judge Hancock (one of my classmates) played the bagpipes, and the Pastor from Community Bible Church in Coupeville here played the drums (like mine only he has two). Our Pastor Terry said the Benediction. It was a well put together celebration. The Methodist Church played the bells for a few minutes then followed by silence for personal praying time followed by the public prayer then singing.

I then went back to work.
Tomorrow I have a day of nothing, then I go to Leavenworth in the mountains for a two day conference and home late Tuesday.
Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone, and please, if you drink.....DON'T DRIVE!!
Thank you.

Good judgment comes from experience,
and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.