Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another Saturday on Whidbey!

I called my sister at 9:30 this morning and asked if she wanted to go shopping. I just wanted to go to Costco and another shop then home. She had a migraine and really didn't want to go, but I talked her into it. I told her it was probably withdrawal from caffeine as she hasn't had coffee for a few days because her kitchen is torn apart. We stopped at a coffee shop on the way to Mount Vernon and a few miles down the road she said her headache was lessening. It must've been the coffee.
We shopped for an hour and a half...well let me re-phrase that, I shopped for an hour and a half. She was outside waiting for me for a half an hour.

We were driving and she was talking about her dog Sadie. She was telling me that Sadie was barking at the squirrells, "YIP YIP YIP YIP" but the coyote bark is more "Grrrrryap grrrrryap grrrryap" but she can tell if there is a cat around too, it is "yipyap yipyap yipyap" I turned and looked at her in a weird way and she stopped her yipping, and I said "Oh, Mary Lou, you must get out more often and mix with humans more"!! We laughed 'til we cried on that one.

OH!!! Then there was lunch! I missed the turn off to the place we wanted to go, so we stopped at the Casino to have lunch. I ordered prime rib dip, and she ordered a seafood Louie (salad for all you Easterners). She took her first bite then yelped and had tears in her eyes. I asked what happened, and she cried
"I bit the G--Dam--d sore in my G--Dam--d mouth"!! Ohhhhh, kay!
A few bites later I heard her cussing again and looked over. She dribbled ranch dressing on her boob. I went on eating and heard her cuss again. I looked over and she was wiping dressing off her blouse again! We giggled after that and continued eating. I looked over and saw she had dribbled ranch on her blouse again, but there was now way in hell that I was going to tell her!! NOPE not ME!! Well she went to wipe her mouth and rubbed her blouse while doing that, and felt the wetness of the ranch. My eyes about popped out of my head waiting for the eruption. She started to cuss again and I was so nervous I started giggling then we both broke into hysterical laughter. The waitress came over to see what was so fun at our table, and we just said "Oh nothing"!! Mary Lou's salad wasn't good at all but my prime rib dip was great! And I didn't get a spot on me! Which is a miracle in it's own.

We got home and she drove away and I was unloading my car when the phone rang. All I could hear was her saying get your camera and get over to Wanamaker road now! I grabbed my camera and took off. I got there and she was gone already but I saw about 6 Eagles sitting in the field where they had just mowed. The Eagles were just sitting there looking for baby rabbitts or field mice. I took a few photos and drove off, and a mile away I saw about 6 more Eagles sitting in another just mowed field. One flew off and landed in a tree by the intersection and I drove over to follow it. I turned down the road and a few minutes later a gal walked towards my car. I recognized her as the caretaker that took care of my friend Stu Corey that just died. I told her I was heading for Church in Oak Harbor if she wanted to go. She looked at me and said 'yes". Later in Church she looked over at me and said "you know, I was walking and talking with God and asked Him to hit me in the head, and then I saw you drive up, then you asked me to go to Church". She has come to our Church a few times with Stu, but that was it. I think I was used as a piece of the puzzle from God! What a great feeling that is!
Well I must get ready for bed as it is 11:00 pm already! Yes, I sure make use of every minute in the day!! And enjoy every minute!!

"Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant??
I'm halfway through my fish burger and I realize, Oh my God . . . I could be eating a slow learner." --Lynda Montgomery