Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers day

Well this is a rotten picture, but it shows that I gave Hannah a corsage and took her to lunch in Mount Vernon. We went to the Skgit Brewery. Six of us old recovering drunks going to a brewery for lunch! It was good though, and Hannah had a ball! It is hard being stuck in a nursing home day after day and not getting outside to see the sights. The bus picked us up and took us into Mount Vernon and back about 35 miles miles each way, so she had a ball! Going over the bridge and seeing the water, seeing Mount Baker in her glory. (It was a sunny day)!
Her son left a few days ago, and she was starving for good food! He starves her and nags at her to lose weight. Good grief, she is 90 years old. LET HER EAT fer Chrissakes!

When the lunch arrived I asked her to pose for a picture to show her son what she is eating now that he is gone! See that big sandwich arthur? See all that coleslaw with mayonnaise? HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE And she ate ALL of it, and then ordered a triple layered carrot cake and licked the plate, SO THERE!!! Boy am I busted if he reads my blog!! hehehe

I miss my mom.
She was my friend and drinking buddy when I was drinking.
She was talented, and artistic.
I miss calling her.
I miss asking her how to make a certain stitch in crocheting.
I hate that she died way too young!
I wish I could've convinced her to go to AA with me. She would've loved it.
But....she died and I accept that. She believed in Jesus, and I think she couldn't wait to leave this depressing world and go to heaven!
I hate that she was depressed!
I miss calling her and asking for a certain recipe!
I love her.
I miss my mom.
To all of you that still have your moms, CALL her! Tell her you love her. Tell her what she means to you. Let her know that she mattered to you!
My mom wasn't perfect, and God knows that she made a few mistakes, but she loved us kids. Thank you mom for being who you were, for being there for me whenever I needed you, for raising me to be who I am!
I love you!