Friday, January 20, 2006

A taste from the past!

I came home from my AA meeting at 10:00pm and had the munchies really bad and had NOTHING in my house to eat. Well there is alot to eat here, but nothing looked good. I was looking through my cupboard and noticed a can of brown bread! I don't remember buying it, and have had it for who knows how many years? Probably from one of my camping trips. Any way I opened it and sliced it and put butter on it and BAM!!
That old familiar taste from my childhood of molasses and raisins.
It was really good, so I will save the rest in a baggy for tomorrow. I think I remember mom putting warm baby prunes on it, then whipped cream. Or was that ginger bread? Mary Lou would know, she always remembers everything.

It is now pouring again. It was nice for awhile this afternoon then the rains returned. I saw some Snow Geese sitting in mud puddles all dirty.

Or should I say 'mud goose'.
Further down the road I saw a fireplug sitting in a huge puddle, so I took a picture. I thought it was funny.

Time for bed....Have a great weekend!

If at first you don't succeed,
skydiving is not for you.