Friday, January 27, 2006

The METH epidemic

I go to alot of community meetings with my job. One meeting is the 'Island County Methamphetamine Action Team'. I went to the meeting yesterday and a nurse gave a presentation on methamphetamine and babies. There are babies born daily hooked on drugs from their mother. If you want to be awakened by this epidemic, go read this story:
The ten year picture graduation of the woman on meth is blood curdling. To know the poisons they are using to make meth is blood curdling. There are meth labs in all sorts of neighborhoods. There is one in my trailer park. We can't catch them without a warrant, and they need actual proof before they can get a warrant. I can guarantee this, If I see a child even near that trailer I will call the cops and report abuse even if it is false! I want them to know they are being watched and what they are doing is not acceptable!!
It breaks my heart to see very young children being raised by alcoholic and drug addicted parents! A 50 year old lady brought her 5 month old grandchild to the meeting yesterday. He was born prematurely from a meth addict who was high at the time of his birth. Him and his brother was taken away from the gal and the grandmother is now raising them and they have no visitation rights until they can prove by blood test that they are clean of drugs. They cannot get a clean reading. The grandmother knows all too well the tricks because she herself was an addict but is clean and sober now for 15 years. She feels responsible for the entire mess, and is taking full responsibility of the babies.
Whew, to think it is going on right next door and nobody is watching or really cares. We are being taught on what to look for in children. As bus drivers, we at work can look at the children and see the progress of their behaviours. When we can, we report any suspicious behavior. We have cameras on all the buses for that purpose. School teachers are watching the behaviours and learning patterns.

We worry about the world, and send care to other countries, but we need to look in our own backyards and help out where we can!! Our country is in deep trouble because of the drug epidemic!! It has to STOP!!!
Whew, sorry about the serious blog today, but I worry about the innocent kids. We all need to keep our eyes open and watch the kids. I have alot of kids that visit my house, and I like them to know this is a safe place to come to. Every kid needs a place to go to that they know is safe.

When one wishes to unlock a door but has only one hand
free, the keys are in the opposite pocket. (Von Fumbles Law)