Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It is a MISERABLE day today!

I took this picture at noon in Oak Harbor. I love to watch the ducks float around in the rough water. The storm is much worse now but it is too dark to take pictures!

Guess what, it's 39 degrees windy and raining......STILL!!

It gusted to 49 so far. It will get worse later. Of course it gets worse in the middle of the night when you can't go out and take pictures in it! Why is that?
I'm still not feeling up to par, so will shower early and go read my book in bed!

No great news to report today. I got up and went to work, drove to Oak Harbor to sign up 4 new Paratransit riders, went back to the office then came home. Whooot! It doesn't get any better than this!!

As income tax time approaches, did you ever notice:
When you put the two words "The" and "IRS" together it spells "THEIRS"?