Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Lunar Eclipse

I am sitting in my kitchen at the computer with my blinds pulled up. I have the perfect view of the lunar eclipse. It is total right now 7:33pm. It looks like the middle picture here. Kind of orange red looking.
I get all excited with happenings in the sky and earth. I am always amazed by it. Here I am watching the moon that millions of other people are watching all at the same time!! AWESOME!!

I did my duty yesterday and cast my absentee vote! I prayed when I mailed it that God chooses the best man for the job no matter who I voted for. I pray the person does a job to make us all proud. I pray that peace can come to all of us here and to quit our belly aching about who is best and who did what and who didn't do what!!

I copied this prayer from Mark Daniels blog. I sure hope he doesn't mind!!

Lord:You command us to pray for our daily bread, the things we need for daily living.
Through Jesus, You also demonstrate that You are a God of grace.
And so, as we near the end of this bruising presidential campaign, we ask that You would give our country not the President we deserve, but the one we need. And the president the world needs from America, too.
Grant that our next President, whether it's Senator Kerry or President Bush, will be an instrument in Your hands. Grant that through that President, You will help make ours "a more perfect union."
In the Name of Jesus our Savior, we pray.AMEN

Well said Mark!!

Back to the World Sweepies I mean Series! hehehehe

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