Sunday, October 24, 2004

Bewitched Punkin

I couldn't help myself!
Leslie put pictures of Bilbo all dressed up so I just had to show off Punkin in her witch hat!
Doesn't she look thrilled?

I am having a rather laid back weekend.

I went to my AA meeting on Friday night and the subject was "Family and sobriety". They all shared about how they used to be drunk at all family afairs etc, and how great it is to actually drive to the city for a concert and drive back with no fear of cops! And their family enjoys them now. Well I guess I was a different drunk. My family was drunk right along with me! My husband hated it when I went on the wagon for a week or so. He said I was too boring. My mom was my best drinking buddy. I guess my sister is the only one that liked the fact that I quit drinking. Anyhoo, I do like to show people that I am still just as crazy and fun as I used to be but only I am sober now. My "drinking" buddies are still sitting in the same bars drinking the same drinks and talking the same ole boring talk, married to different people now, wasting their time and money away. Hey, there's a song out about that! "Wasted days and wasted Nights"!

I went to Church last night and we are having a potluck tonight at 5:30.
I just put the Tamale Pie in the oven so it will be hot for tonight. Mmmm, smells good!!

Well I heard the dryer stop so I need ot make my bed and finish the never ending chores!!

Hope Y'all have a grand Sunday!

I met two witches who were twins -
I just couldn't tell which witch was which!

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