Saturday, February 04, 2006

My little Helpers!

Every morning I have two shadows that follow my every step! They are at my dresser before I am. Trying to put my makeup on is a trial at times as you can see! Ya like the tricky way I planned on hiding me? HEHEHEHE
The lights are blinking already, and it is only midnight! The wind is just starting to pick up, and they are warning us that this could be the worst storm in years! UH-OH, and tomorrow is Super Bowl and Seattle Seahawks are playing!! It would be hilarious if the power went out in the entire area and the game was a history making one!! I do believe that the weather men are in cahoots with the generator makers, and give out warnings every once in awhile to sell the generators.
I don't have a generator, but I do have a back up power pack that will run my CPAP machine for 8 hours. I also have 25 gallons of water, plenty of food, and cat food, lots of blankets and candles and batteries. No plans for tomorrow, so I am prepared! Well the wind is gusting up to 25 right now so I better close this up. They are supposed to gust up to 80 or stronger. They warned us it could get to hurricane force. Hold on to your hats!!

If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea...
does that mean that one enjoys it?