Sunday, February 26, 2006

My cat is a character without even knowing it! My sister gave me this chair throw a few years ago, and I just put it on the chair when I looked over and there was Elliott sitting right next to the cat in the throw! 'Where's Waldo'? HAHAHAHA

I am sad today because two of our blogging friends had to close down their blogs.
I understand why, but feel sad anyway. I have to be very careful what I blog about because friends from work, Church, AA and family read this. I know this is my private blog, but it is on the World Wide Web, and anybody can read it. If I get mad at work and come here and vent, I would not be doing my job any favors. My job is in the public eye, so off work I am still representing my job. Same with family. If I get mad at my sis or brother, feelings can be hurt if I blog about it. If I blog about a person at AA, then I am in trouble there, because I broke their anonymity. Sooo, if I really want to vent I call my sponsor, or go tell Hannah. She is deaf so she is safe! HAHAHAHA
I wish my best to Dennis and Kim, and pray His will be done. They will get through this, and I have them in my prayers.

If you worry, you didn't pray ...
If you pray, don't worry.

Faith is the ability to not panic.