Thursday, December 01, 2005


We got SNOW!!
Not this much, but about 1/2 inch. Just enough to be cold and white, and it hasn'r melted.
It will more than likely be gone by tomorrow. I hope so anyway. I am training 4 new bus drivers and I would feel alot safer on regular pavement and not icy and snowy!!

I went to Walmart tonight to buy a quick something on the way to a birthday party, and locked the car and went in the store. I got to the register and realized I left my wallet at home so I had to drive back to Coupeville (10 miles) to get it. When I got in the car I noticed the gift bag wasn't on the seat where I left it (like a dummy)! I DID lock the car, and it DOES have an alarm, but this person was quick and slick! They stole the pretty gift bag with a hand made red sparkly scarf in it and a hand made birthday card with a photo of my kitty wearing a stick-on birthday hat. Total value about $10.00. So it wasn't a big loss, but it makes me feel very vulnerable to have someone steal something out of a locked car with an alarm within 10 minutes!!!
SHEESH! I don't wish bad things to the person, in fact I sure hope the person that gets the red scarf appreciates the love that was put in to making it, and I sure hope it keeps that person warm on a cold wintry night! In fact I giggle thinking that I could very easily see that scarf on the street. It wasn't made from a pattern, and I haven't seen one like it anywhere.
If I see it, I will go up to that person and tell them what a beautiful scarf that is, and someone must really love them to make it for them!! hehehehe
I just pray that the thief will repent and not steal from anyone again.
I forgive that person.
Maybe someone saw that person and scared them straight.
I pray God will intervene and have something nice happen to that person to give that person guilt and do nice things from now on. (That'll serve them right)!
Y'all stay warm and enjoy FRIDAY!! Posted by Picasa

Man's way leads to a hopeless end --
God's way leads to an endless hope.