Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Years Eve!!

Yikes-a-roonie!! I cannot believe it is New Years Eve 2005!! Tomorrow is 2006. Who'da thunk that we would be here to see this?
Oh...this picture shows how Seattle does New Years Eve. Lots of crazy people pack downtown at Seattle Center to see the spectacular light show, but me? I like to sit home with my trusty police scanner and television and watch the New Years celebration around the world and listen to rookie drinkers being pulled over by our trusty police!! hehehehe (see ya at the next AA meeting sucker!! How much did that cost ya? Was it worth it??) hehehehehe
I spent too many New Years Eve's Bartending and being the last (drunk) to leave the premesis in broad daylight!! I seemed to get drunker after hours cleaning the bar than the patrons did during the night. My ex-husband refused to be out on that night and would stay home while I worked. The old fuddy duddy!!
Well I don't get to stay home, our Church decided to have a 'game' night and we all are going to drink sodas and eat fattening snacks and play silly games like 'guesstures' or something like that. Whoo Hoo!! Oh, it'll be fun, 'cause I like everyone there. We will be together and pray the New Years in asking for Blessings of 2006.
2005 was a fabulous year for me, and I am looking forward to the year to come.
I pray everyone has a safe and sane night and if you drink, PLEASE don't drive!! PLEASE!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May all your dreams come true and give you a healthy happy prosperous 2006. Posted by Picasa
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