Sunday, December 18, 2005

Party Animal

We had our first annual Christ the King Coupeville Christmas Party last night. As usual I just had to be the party animal! I don't need to be drinking to be the fool. Stand in line guys!! Whooot!!
We had a white elephant gift exchange which was hilarious! We gave each person a number and the first one gets to choose what gift to open. The second one gets to choose #1's gift or another wrapped gift, and so on. It can get pretty mean if someone really wants the gift they opened and someone else takes it!! HAHAHAHA All in fun!!
I ended up with a boom box, but I left it for the Church and kept the pretty silver bow I was wearing. I left at 7:30 to get to my AA meeting and partied more! I got home at 11:30 and listened to my police scanner giving out DUI's!! Egads, if I knew when I was 18 that I would be doing this at 56, I think I would've jumped off the bridge, but actually, I really enjoy my life now.......really! Posted by Picasa

Always remember that you're unique........ Just like everyone else.