Sunday, December 11, 2005

December Sunset

I was driving home yesterday and had to stop and get a picture of the beauty of this place to share with you.

This is taken on Madrona Way looking Northeast across Penn Cove and the Mussell raft farm. If you like mussells for dinner then they more than likely came from here. They hang long ropes under the rafts and mussells grow on the ropes. They pull the ropes out of the water and harvest them from a little boat.

If you look really really close, you can see Mount Baker in the background. It is a volcano that they are watching for future eruptions. Actually we thought Mt. Baker would blow instead of Mt. St. Helens. But then nature has a way of surprising us and letting us know who is boss and that we have no power whatsoever when it comes to natural catastrophies. Some people get hurricanes, tornadoes & Tsnamies but we get high winds and earthquakes.

I Hope everyone is almost done for Christmas. Actually if you believe in Jesus Christ and that He was brought here to give His life for us that we can be forgiven and allow us to go to Heaven to live eternity, then you are ready. Just pray to God that you know that Jesus is your saviour and that you ask forgiveness for your sins. Then you are ready for Christmas. You can go buy gifts to celebrate if you want to, and feel guilty if you forgot someone on your list, but those simple words from your heart is all you need. The rest is just gravy. I think Christmas is too commercialized anyway. I love Christmas, don't take me wrong, but I think there is much too much stress involved. It takes away from the meaning of Christmas. If you want to give a gift, and cannot afford one, make one from old scraps of yarn, or bake a batch of cookies.
I like to live the spirit all year long. Do random acts of kindness whenever possible, even if it is just letting a car in front of you in heavy traffic. (That drives my sister CRAZY) hehehehe
Well I took a nap this afternoon and woke up at 5:00. Now it is time to get ready for work again.
I hope everyone has a great week and stay safe!! Posted by Picasa

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