Monday, October 31, 2005


I am so happy! My favorite little people in the world stopped by to get some goodies!! They are growing so fast. The little one in yellow can actually talk now! These little girls have stolen my heart!
Halloween is fun, and I just love to see the little ones out there. I'm sure in a few years there will be no more house to house trick-or-treating as it is getting so dangerous in the big towns. But here we are still safe. Well I think so anyway! I just had a group of teens on a scavenger hunt and I gave them some black nail polish, some dental floss, a purple pen, and umm, a roll of toilet paper! I told them I better not see any toilet paper on my yard or My place of work's yard! They giggled, and I said "I know who you are". They giggled and left, then I saw about 10 other teen boys streaking down the road!! They had masks and boxers on! Oh, I wish I was young again! No....I'd be right in the middle of them wearing my teddy!! (I could do it in those days)! Oh heck, why not do it now??? WAIT FOR ME BOYS!!!!!
That looks like so much fun! I remember the time a few of us teens stole an outhouse from Sherman's field and put it in the middle of the road in front of Sealy's Tavern! heeheeheeheehee! (1966). Then we stole a bunch of turkeys from the turkey farm and stuffed them in the lobby of the Post Office! I didn't know until ten years ago that they flew over the partition and destroyed the mail room!! OOOOOOPS!! I was just a crazy teen then, working my way to becoming the alcoholic. Always the adrenalin junkie I was!!
Ho hum, time for my bath to soak my aching bones, and to bed by 10:00!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Who'da thunk???

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