Friday, October 28, 2005

A fine pillow!

That is a weird heading for this picture but hold on, let me explain.
I was working today and a fine old fellow called and needed his Paratransit eligibilty approved for Monday. Well it was 3:30 and if I went into Oak Harbor I wouldn't get off untill around 6:00 because I had other work to do. So to save gas, and to save time, I told him I would stop by this evening before my AA meeting which starts at 8:00, so I would be there around 7:15.
Ya still with me? Good. Well I head into Oak Harbor and find his place around 7:15. It was hard to see his address because it was dark....really dark. I find it, and park in the street and walk up his smooth clean concrete driveway into his carport to his door. Ya still with me?
Ok, you see that cute little square garden bed framed with red brick and filled with very very sharp lava rock and two, well now one and a half, nice heather plants? guessed right! I fell flat on my face! I mean I fell HARD!! REAL HARD!!
I was walking on nice smooth concrete then all of a sudden I was in mid air and then OOOOF!
I was laying there after my OOOOOF fall and trying to get up. My knees were imbedded in the lava rock or actually the lava rock was imbedded in my knees and hurting like HECK-A-ROO (if that is a word). I tried to get one leg up and get leverage and stand. No luck. I had no muscle control at all! MY GOODNESS! I've fallen and can't get up! I worked on the ambulance 5 years ago and ran to get fat little old ladies that fell!! OH NO!!! Now I am one!! How did that happen?? I was crying and yelling, and no-one heard me because I was in an area with old people that had their tv's blaring. I finally got my night vision and saw my wiglet laying ahead of me, so I reached for it giggling and crying. I had to crawl over to the heather plant to get it, then crawl some more to pull myself up. Whew!! I finally made it!
I can't believe this!! I just spent two weeks of my vacation taking care of my back and leg, trying not to use it and let it heal. Yesterday I had an acupuncture appointment and I feel like I am starting to heal. Now THIS!! I am so sore right now, I know I have a few more very painful months ahead of me! Oh well, I can do it. Quit my whining! I was actually very lucky!! There could've been a sharp object in the garden that could've impaled me and do some really bad damage.
You can see my knee impressions in the very very sharp lava rock, and my face imprint on the heather plant. See that grimmace?
Well y'all have a nice weekend! I am going to a memorial then home to pop about 10 oxycodone and forget about this mess!! well ok, maybe one! Posted by Picasa
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