Friday, October 28, 2005

I got tagged!!

Wanda tagged me to post twenty random facts about me.
Most of you know all these, but here goes:

1. I am an alcoholic. I haven’t had a drink in 6,704 days.
2. I was painfully shy in highschool. (I was)!
3. I have a very sick sense of humor that is not appropriate at times.
4. I am overweight.
5. I have been single since I got sober.
6. I absolutely LOVE scrabble! I have a deluxe edition just waiting for someone to come over and play with me!
7. I was in the Volunteer Fire Department for 14 years.
8. I drove the ambulance and as EMT for 10 years.
9. I was a bartender for 18 years.
10. I think farts are the funniest things in the world!! I can’t stop giggling when I hear one!! I have a remote fart machine on my office door as a door bell.
11. I am a Christian and try really hard to live a decent clean life now. I still say "Under God" loudly while saying the pledge of allegiance.
12. I have attention deficit and have had a hard time learning, but when I learn it, I keep it!
13. I work for a Transit company and teach people how to drive a 35 foot bus.
14. I have never been in a hot tub.
15. I despise people that make fun of persons with disabilities! It is not their fault they have the disability, so don’t EVER make fun of them in front of me!!
16. I believe in disaster preparedness almost to a fault. I think people that do not have food in their house two days after the storm are stupid!! (well I do)!
17. I love Alaska and anything about it! I love the animals. I would love to have had a cabin in Haines Alaska!
18. I LOVE Christmas!!
19. I am a shop-a-holic now and seriously need to limit my sprees. Retail therapy gets expensive!
20. I love peopl of all kinds. I am a friend that loves unconditionally.
Ok, now I tag Kim!

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