Friday, June 10, 2005

Peeping Tom-Cat!

Ahhh, Friday is here and about gone!!

I had a tremendously busy week. I love it when I am busy and things go right.
I don't really want to talk much about my work, but I have been doing double duty as I do at least once a year when we are hiring and training new Operators. We are expanding some routes so I have been trying to get all the numbers together, and training the drivers too. Also I sign up new Paratransit riders and visit them at their houses and get their pictures. I am on salary so I balance out the hours at the end of the week. Today was too busy to go home early so I will catch up another time.

I got to my AA meeting tonight and there were only about 17 people there when we usually have about 40. Hmmm, they must be cured! I wanted to stay home and get comfortable, but I'm glad I went. A friend of mine shared that her mother died last night from pancreatic cancer at 71. She is lost and starving for some spirituality, but cannot grasp the idea of God. I keep hugging her and tell her I pray for her. What else can I do? I have invited her to go to Church with me, but she doesn't want to. She has a horrid story and doesn't want to open her soul right now. I hand her to God and pray for her. I told her tonight that when my mother died I was feeling spiritually bankrupt and started going to different Churches to "find home". I like a few but never felt at home there. I found the Church I go to now two years ago and we expanded to the Church here in town in January. It is a small Christian Church oozing with love. We get hugs when we meet, and welcome all newcomers. We are a congregation of about 40 so we are small.

I go to AA Friday nights and Church Sunday. I have a great balance in my life now, and wouldn't trade it for a thing! I love unconditionally and it is returned. Whew! I almost feel guilty for the Serenity in my life now.....almost....I worked hard at it, and made a few right decisions.

Have a great weekend folks! My sister and I are going to Canada on Sunday to meet Ellen and Curtis and!! WHOOT!!! I will take pictures!!

I've learned...That under everyone's hard shell is someone
who wants to be appreciated and loved.