Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A beautiful happy couple!

I'm still using Sunday's pictures. I like this picture I took of Ellen and Curtis Sunday. They went Whale watching Monday and we had excellent weather yesterday so I sure hope they had a great trip!

I was sitting here and Mary Lou called to tell me there was a 7.9 earthquake in California. By the time I turned on the tv it was downgraded to a 7.0 and located off the Coast of California near Crescent City. I wonder if the mountain is ready to blow now? It's been awfully quiet.

I just ordered a new cellphone. I drove over my other one in the parking lot at Walmart. I was ready for a new one anyway. The new one is an i710 Nextel, so it has the free walkie-talkie feature that I love. Also the speaker phone feature. I'll get it Friday and I might be able to figure out how to use it by next year.

Well time for the Jetta-tub and bed to read for an hour and wake up with the thud of the book hitting me when I drop it on my face in my sleep. Then I'll go to the bathroom and be wide awake at midnight then come out here and get on my computer for an hour and go back to bed at 3:00am and toss and turn and go to work all sleepy then start all over again tomorrow night!! Ahhhh.

* Forgive your enemies. It messes up their heads.