Sunday, June 26, 2005

I feel Whacky tonight!

I got this as an email awhile ago and everytime I see this I can just imagine the feeling this cat has when everybody laughs at him!! He probably went and peed in their car!

Anyway, I had a marvelous day today! Our Church "Christ the King" had a dedication ceremony today for the new branch we started here in Coupeville in January. We have had some major shake-ups. The first Pastor quit because of indifferences from the other Church (we question not). We loved him and his family! We got an interim Pastor that is great, and they finally hired him as fulltime Pastor! We greeted him today and accepted him and three other Pastors from in town here showed up to bless the ceremony. The first Pastor that had quit came back today with his family and has accepted this as his Church again!! PRAISE THE LORD!! What a happy day it was. We each brought smooth flat rocks and built an altar, then took the rocks home with a sticker on them to keep in our gardens. The stickers say:
Christ The King
"...know that the hand of the Lord is
mighty, so that you may fear the Lord
your God forever." Joshua 4:24

It will stay in my rock garden by my front deck. At times we will be asked to bring them back to build another altar.
I have gotten alot of satisfaction and community in this Church. I wish everyone could find something as good in their life. It felt so good to sit next to our first Pastor and his wife!! We were all crying and welcomed him home!

Tomorrow I go to my first real band practice with my new conga drum!!
We will see if I am cut out to be a real drummer or have it sit in my house for looks!
Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Never laugh at anyone's dream.
People who don't have dreams don't have much.