Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Awww, sweet dreams kitty kitty!!

I haven't had a very remarkable week so far. My band practice didn't happen. (bummer)!! There was some contradiction of schedules, but it will happen!
I am determined, and I think it will be fun!

I talked with my friend that is having a bad time tonight. She said she has an appointment with her doctor tomorrow. I asked if he called her and she said no, then I told her I called their office and told the nurse how destitute she is. I told her everything I told the doctor and that I hope the doctor can give her some places to get help. I told her that I mentioned her drink last year and her depression, and isolation and the suicides of her father and brother, the death of her mother three years ago and the depression she cannot get out of. I also told her when she can get settled and taken care of, then I will go get her and pull her back to reality and make her do some AA steps and to get on with her life!!
HA!! That won't happen! Well maybe!

I feel good now. Especially since I read Joan's blog!! She has a FART JAR!!!HAHAHAHA

Happy Hump day everyone!!

Advice for the day:
Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.