Monday, June 20, 2005

My 18 Year Chip!!

Eighteen years ago today I got drunk (God willing) for the last time!
I was married, working as a bartender, was a member of the volunteer Fire Department and worked part time on the local ambulance as an EMT.
June 21, 1987 there was a call for an overturned sailboat with 6 people in the water off the West side of the Island in Puget Sound. The water here is always about 49 degrees, so hypothermia sets in within 20 minutes, so we were rushing to get them out of the water. A Navy helicopter was picking them out of the water one by one, and we would run under the rotor blades and get the victims from the helicopter and rush them to the ambulance on a backboard. After the rescue the team went to the Tyee for drinks. After we closed the Tyee I came home and got into the scotch. My husband was working as Jailor at the Sheriffs department and got home at midnight. I fell into bed about 4am, and about 5:30 I was told I was woken up by the Sheriffs deputies and was told to go to the hospital because a friend of mine was in labor and I wanted to witness the birth. I "came to" in the operating room as the baby was born. I have no recollection of the time between when I went to bed and came to in the operating room.
I made a complete fool of myself in front of all my hospital friends.
The next day I was working on the ambulance and told the paramedic I was working with that I will never drink again! He made a bet with me that I wouldn't go 6 months without a drink. At the time he said that, I thought 6 months!! That is a long time! He made a $50.00 bet and the rest is history!!

My life is great now, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!! I received an email anniversary congratulations from a fellow AA that I have never met. The fellowship is great!