Thursday, June 30, 2005

My eyes before.......liner tatoo.

Well here is a picture of my eyes today.
I, tatooed!!
I am actually going to get eyeliner tatooed on my eyes!!
No, not like Michael know who, but thin lines just around my eyes.
No, not circles, but thin lines to accent them.
My sister is having nightmares over it!!! She thinks I am going crazy and will come home with my lips all puffed up like Goldie Hawn in "First Wives Club". NO! Just the liner around my eyes. I put on makeup in the mornings, and by noon all my makeup is gone.
I am trying to write my blog right now and I have two wild and crazy little Mexicans dancing around me trying to get my computer! ("Beavis & Butthead")!!

So, later, folks!