Friday, December 17, 2004

Santa and Elves at the Senior Center

I spent a couple hours today with Santa and Elves passing out oranges and candy canes to the seniors at the Senior Center, then went to an assisted living complex, then went to the nursing home where my dear friend Hannah lives. It is alot of fun and very rewarding to put a smile on the faces of some "forgotten" folks!
I'm very fortunate to have a boss that will let me have a few hours off to go have fun.
Granted, there are some older folks here that are not forgotten, but if we touched the heart of a lonely old person, then it was why we did it!
There is way too much emphasis on Christmas. The merchants start cramming it down our throats in August and by November the panic starts to hit...then the Carols start playing and lights go up and there is Christmas everywhere! Listening to some carols will start some people to cry (I as one). Kids start making their lists of what they want mom and dad to buy them and mom and dad will take out their plastic cards and go in debt to make sure their kids get what they want. Then there are some families that will not have a Christmas because they just do not have the money to spend. They are too proud to go to welfare and the Churches, and will tell the kids that they will make it up to them later. Well those families are who the "Forgotten Children's Fund" target. It is such a thrill to watch the "Magic" of Christmas in a small childs face when she open's the door to see "Santa" there with toys for her in his sack! And Santa actually knows her name!! WHEW!! Now THAT is a rush!! But it is too bad Christmas has to put so much stress on people. I like to put the Christ back in Christmas and thank God for sending his only son here to save our souls. We choose December 25th to celebrate the birth of Christ. I am very thankful for what He sacrificed for me.
Well I must get to bed so I can get rest for tomorrow! Mary Lou and I are going Christmas Shopping!!!
Oh well, we are all American!! I plan on not using plastic, but just in case....well Dang!

If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons.
-James Thurber

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