Saturday, December 04, 2004

Nanner Nanner!

Can't you just hear that cat "chattering" at that squirrel?
What's with that? What makes a cat make that weird chattering? It is hilarious! Their upper lip quvers and they just chitter-chatter-chitter-chatter. God must've been in a joking mood when he put that in the cat's vocabulary!
Whew, I had one busy day! I woke up at nine and did chores then my sister in-law came over and asked me to go to a Christmas village on the mainland next Saturday. She called Mary Lou to ask her, leaving a message on Mary Lou's answering machine and put the phone on the table. We then started talking about computers and phones, and Sherry heard something and looked at the phone, and I said you need to push the "off" button. Well Mary Lou left a message on my machine saying she heard all that we talked about!! GULP!!!
It wasn't anything bad, but we were talking about Mary Lou. We wouldn't say anything bad because we love Mary Lou, but still it makes me feel guilty!
Anyway, I went to a Mary Kay open house for my friend's daughter until 3:00, then went to work and got on a decorated bus and we were in the Coupeville Christmas Parade! HAHAHAHAHA
Small town parades are Sooooo hokey, but I love being in them! We were dressed as elves and waving at all the shivering wet & cold people! We would stop the bus then run out in front of the bus and bow to it to kneel, and the driver would push the button to lower the bus, then we would motion our hands to "raise", and the driver would raise the bus, then we would turn to the crowd and bow and get applause, then we get back on the bus and go 1/2 block and do it all over again! Every one loved it, and I had a blast!!!
I then went to town and did some shopping, then went to Church, then went to Kmart and did some more shopping and got home at a little after nine. I was unloading the car and the phone rang, and it was Mary Lou asking me to come over and help her put up her Christmas tree. I was exhausted and out of breath and trying to get my bed made and told her I was tired, and the poor thing sounded like she was out of breath too. Then she said never mind and hung up. Now I feel guilty as heck, but I am so exhausted!

Well sh-t!! My guilt is overbearing, so I will get in my car and go help her!!
Later, folks!!

Okay, I feel better now. I just went over to Help Mary Lou put up her tree. She bought one of those horrible tree stands that have 4 screws in the top of the stand and the tree tips! I bought one and took it back and got another one that had the screws in the top and screws in the bottom that helps balance the tree. So I saw the problem and told her to find 4 big rocks or 4 bricks to put in the bottom of the stand but she didn't have anything like that so we got 4 cans of soup and put in the stand to hold the bottom of the tree and then screwed the screws to hold the tree up higher. It worked...the tree is up...the tree is also tied to the window sills to keep the cats from knocking the tree over.
I came home and got my 4 1/2 foot pre-lit tree that I bought today and put it up and plugged in...that took me 10 minutes!! Tomorrow I will hang my favorite ornaments on it.

Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.
-Ann Landers

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