Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Aww, Ain't he cute?

Ya just wanna pick him up and snuggle with him and let him crawl around your neck and purr in your ear!
I saw this on the net somewhere and thought he was adorable!

Well I am getting back to normal now. I have put in two full days at work. My stomach is still kind of queazy but I can handle that. I obviously don't need much to eat. What really really pisses me off is for two weeks I have hardly eaten a thing and have not lost one ounce!! Not one!! I HATE this diabetes!! The insulin I inject puts weight on me even when I'm sick! It is the devil at work!!

Well I have the Senior program all arranged and ready to launch Friday! There are 9 places that we are going to visit in two days, so I needed more than one Santa and alot of elves!!

I am going to be in Oak Harbor with Santa and 3 elves delivering candy canes and oranges to The big Senior Center at lunch, then we are going over to Summerhill (an assisted living complex) where 59 Seniors live then over to Whidbey Island Manor (a nursing home) where there are 40 Seniors. That is where my friend Hannah lives and I will leave her a special sock from Santa!! This is a great way to get in the Christmas Spirit! If you have a nursing home or hospital close by take some candy canes and go visit them!

Well the cleaning lady is showing up tomorrow so I better get my house ready for her!

Wise Mama:
A three year old little boy was examining his testicles while taking bath.
"Mama," he asked, "Are these my brains?
"Mama answered, "Not yet."!!!

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