Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hurry!! Only 16 More Days Until Christmas!!

Yikes! I can't believe I have been on vacation for 6 days, and have done only half of what I wanted to do!
And yes, I am sick again!! Dangit!! I stayed in bed all day today in total pain in all my back muscles where everything seems to settle! I'd run back to the doctor, but the gal at work that got sick the day before I did on Thanksgiving is home sick again too! This is a bad bug going around folks!
Maybe tonight I will drag out the ornaments to put on my tree! It's 3:30 and I just now ate three little satsuma oranges. I just love them! But that is all I've eaten all day. Not like me at all! I usually eat to make myself feel better!
Needless to say I am not much in the Christmas Spirit yet! I will be. I went to the movies yesterday with my sister and Bob and watched "Polar Express" . Absolutely magical! I am always a 5 year old at Christmas!
I have never doubted Santa Claus since I heard the bells on Christmas Eve Night and looked out my bedroom window and saw Santa and his sleigh and reindeer fly across the sky. To this day nobody can tell me I did not see him! I did!! With my own eyes!! We were living on Libbey Road and my brother wasn't born yet so I must've been 5 years old.
I like to spread the magical spirit of Christmas. Last year my brother dressed as Santa Claus and I as an elf and we delivered presents to needy families on Christmas morning. What a wonderful feeling to be with Santa when we knock on the door and a little 4 year old girl opens the door and cries "SANTA"!! Her eyes were opened as wide as they could get and she was crying and jumping up and down! We brought a tree in for the living room and ham dinner for the kitchen while Santa was talking with the little girl. Mom and dad were crying and of course I was bawling my eyes out and so was Santa and the other elf with us! We did this for 6 families and other Santas were doing it all over the Island here. We did this for the "Forgotten Children's Fund". We raise money throughout the year to make Christmas for families that the system has forgotten. Maybe someone lost their job a month or two ago and have no money for Christmas and are too embarrassed to ask. We find them and make sure they get a Christmas! I take Santa with me and deliver Candy Canes to Seniors at the Senior Centers and Nursing Homes too! What a rush, folks!! Go to your local Nursing home and visit a Senior! And take your dog with you!!

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
-Ben Williams

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