Saturday, July 24, 2004


I am taking a small break on my story right now.  Too hot to think!!
Well we are in the midst of a heat wave!!  It was 98 yesterday and supposed to be hotter today!!
My next major purchase will be a central air conditioner/heater. 
I have a neighbor that has a 11 year old daughter that visits him every weekend, so I offered her my tent trailer last night!  She was so cute in her excitement!!  She invited her 10 year old cousin over and they both stayed in the tent last night.  I told them they can stay there anytime they want to.  They brought their small television and giggled all night.  The tent is about 10 feet from my kitchen window in my front yard.  I heard the cell phone ringing all night too.  Right now they are out there eating their cereal.  I think I made some friends!!  I told them they can stay out there tonight too.   I told Todd that if they break something he fixes it.  It's good to see my tent being used and enjoyed!
The urge to go out there last night and scare them was really strong!  hehehehehehe I hope I can hold back tonight!!! hehehehehhehe

I am having as much fun as the girls are!!  They have their baby dolls out there and are playing house!!  I can remember playing in beach forts on the beaches. (We do not have white sandy beaches like the rest of the world, we have rocks and piles of driftwood!) great fun for kids!!
Every kid needs a fort or playhouse to play in!!  I feel 11 again just listening to them!!

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