Thursday, July 22, 2004

Chapter 38 1989-1990-1991

I was looking and feeling good after the diet!!  I stayed active in the Fire Department, and walked every night after work.  I had a new family with the Department.  We had a Barbecue at the Station on the 4th of July so in case we got a call for a grass fire we would be right there to respond.  I had been seeing a guy in the dept, but kept it hidden from everyone.  I didn’t think it was anybody’s business, and besides I didn’t think it would last very long.  He is 16 years older than me and we are the most UNLIKELY two to date.  That is what made it fun.  Anyway, we were mad at each other and everyone was eating watermelon.  I had a mouth full of seeds and he walked by me and touched my arm.  It pissed me off so I spit all the seeds in his face!! The look of shock and awe on his face was scary, so I giggled (like I always do when I am frightened) and ran!!  Everyone was watching and it got really quiet.  Well he got some watermelon and spit the seeds at me, and the fight began!!  Everyone got in the game!!  Even big Stan got in the fun!!  Seeds were flying everywhere!  People were finding watermelon in the trash looking for seeds!!  It was fun!!  It was a mess too.  We had to hose down everything afterwards.  There are probably seeds still stuck up on the ceiling.
I was driving back from a call at Fort Casey and the Captain was in the passenger seat of the rescue squad car.  I saw three kids at the high school bus stop and pulled the squad car over to pick them up.  Ed looked at me and said “What are you doing?” I then realized I wasn’t driving the bus!!  DUH!!
Work was going great.  I loved driving the bus and meeting all the different people on the Island.  We had commuters, kids, homeless people, people that just don’t have cars, older people and disabled people.  I loved talking with them all and getting to know them.  I was chosen as Employee of the Year (We call it the Spirit Award) in 1990.  I got to go to the State Conference in Spokane for three days.  It was great!
I got a promotion to Service Coordinator in Aug 1991.  I was taken off the road and became a supervisor.  I loved the raise in pay but missed the people!  It was also hard stepping up in ranks with the people I started out with.  Some were not ready to accept the change.  The Company was growing fast and we were learning a lot!  I won’t go deep in the work department here because I still work there and I love my job now.  There are some things that are sacred.  There were ups and downs like all jobs, and I have made every down part a learning curve for me!  I was sent to classes for supervisors and became an Instructor.
Alcoholics Anonymous was becoming a very strong part of my life.  I got a sponsor that I admired.  She was an older lady and quite the lady.  I adored the way she presented herself and cannot imagine her ever drunk.  I chose to do my 5th step with her.  (Step 5: Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs).  She lit candles and we sat there and she told me her story then asked me to tell mine.  I thought at first that she would be shocked at my story until I heard hers!!  Whew!  I had it good!!  There was a part of my life that I was uncomfortable with.  I still had some fears.  I had conquered the driving and other fears, but I would lay down at night to go to sleep and feel ice water go through my veins.  I would be afraid of not waking up in the morning.  I was afraid of being assaulted, I was afraid of death!!  I was spiritually bankrupt!!
Tomorrow, 1992-1993-1994

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