Friday, July 30, 2004

Baby sitter

Well I babysat two adorable Chinese girls tonight!!
I went to their house at 4:00 and we watched "Finding Nemo" I loved that movie!! What a hoot!! I related to the blue fish what is her name? I forgot. Norma? Anyway, she is a forgetful fish!! HAHAHAHA Then the shark "Bruce" that has not had a fish for two weeks. (Like alcoholics anonymous, only "fish Anonymous"). When that movie was over I let the girls 4 & 5 years old make our dinner. we had grapes, grilled ham & cheese and rice crackers with peanut buttter. NUM!!
Then we watched "Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron". That was a great tear jerker!! (Yes, I cry at animated movies, wanna make somethin of it??!!) The girls were dancing around like horses and making horse whinnies the entire movie. I was sitting there like an old grandma crocheting a baby blanket for their new 16 month old sister that they are going to China on Thursday to get. Then they wanted to watch "Riverdance". Yep!! They danced the entire two hour tape!! Mai was dancing and seriously concentrating so hard she was nearly turning herself inside out, and Tai was jumping up and down throwing her head back and throwing her arms up in the air like she was ready for flight!! (Like Steve Martin when he found rhythm in "The Jerk") Then as the tape was ending, Daddy walked in!!! OOPS It was 11:00 already, and they hadn't brushed their teeth, and they should've been in bed!! But we were having so much fun!!!
I am exhausted!!!

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