Sunday, June 27, 2004

Chapter 19….Oak Harbor!

I got to Coupeville where mom & dad lived and was going to stay with them for a month or so until I decided if I was going to move back to Virginia Beach. The situation with Dick got pretty serious and we both either needed to quit drinking and get serious or break it up.
I went to the American Legion Club with mom and dad and had a blast. I put in for a cocktail waitress job there. I have never worked in a cocktail lounge, just taverns. But I sure drank enough mixed drinks to figure it out, so I lied and said I was experienced. I was hired and was thrown to the Lions!! I would go get orders from people sitting at tables and give it to the bartender then try and remember what drink went where, and what drink was what. Well bourbon & 7, scotch and water & whiskey soda all looked alike!! I figured I would put the drinks in the order on my tray that I called them out, and bunched them together as per table. I caught on quick and would really hustle those drinks!! The more I served the more tips I got. I could take on about ten tables, and if I saw a hand go up and motion for a round of drinks I would know what drinks they were and get them to them as fast as possible! I worked my butt off, and never sat down once during the shift. The door man got to drink beer for free, so I would go to one bartender and ask for a beer for Jake then go the next bartender and ask for a beer for Jake. I always had a beer at the booth where Jake sat. As I would head out to the ballroom with a tray of drinks, I would duck into the booth and chug some beer. I got pretty sneaky with my drinking!! When the night was over we locked the doors and got a drink for ourselves and started cleaning the bar. Then we would sit and get as drunk as the patrons we served and bitched about earlier. We would sneak out of the place about 5AM and stagger home. I don’t know how I never got another DUI or killed anyone during that time. Whew, I shiver now thinking of it!! I got a call from Dick about a month after I got home and he asked me if I was coming back. I really didn’t know what to say, so I said no. We both cried and wished each other luck. Jacque, my good friend in Virginia Beach (she was born Feb 6th) called a few weeks later and asked if I would mind if she dated Dick. I told her I was through with him and gave her my blessing. They were married a few months later. Boy, those Southern gals are real polite to ask if I was through with the men before they started dating them!!
More later….

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