Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Chapter 16 More Virginia Beach!!

First of all, I want to reiterate the fact that I was responsible for all the stuff that happened to me!! My irresponsible drinking got me in all sorts of trouble!! None of that stuff would’ve happened if I hadn’t been drunk!
In Alcoholics Anonymous we work the 12 steps and one of the steps is making amends to persons we have harmed in our drinking history. I wish to make an amends to my sister. She stood by me through most of my stupid drunk stages and was there to pick up the pieces. I made amends years ago, but I still want to tell Mary Lou how deeply sorry I am for embarrassing you and exposing you and your kids to my drunkenness! (Even though I was free entertainment!) And thank you SO much for being my sister and loving me through all this!!

Working at the Red Baron Inn was a blast!! Good grief, I never considered it work. I was there having fun and getting paid for it too!! My boss Lori and her boyfriend Bob ran the Red Baron Inn for Lori’s ex-husband Ed Free while he was on cruise. He was in the Navy stationed on the USS Forestall on cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. I’ll get back to Ed later.
I drank after work every night. I made a lot of friends, and dated a lot! I was one of a very few gals in the area, and there were 9 bases!!
One of my dates was a Merchant Marine that was home for a month before going back out to sea. I forgot his name so I’ll call him Don. He treated me like a lady and had a lot of money! My brother in law Jim liked to come in the Red Baron when I was working because Don wouldn’t let Jim buy a drink. He bought the bar a round every time he bought a drink. My poor sister didn’t see much of Jim in those days. Once I was out drinking with Don in Norfolk, and I fell asleep on the way home. I woke up and felt like I had slept for a long time. I asked Don where we were, and he said North Carolina!! I said WHAT??? He said he wanted to take me home to meet his mother!! This was our second date!! We got as far as his sister’s house and I convinced him we needed to go back to Virginia Beach because I had to go to work in a few hours!! He said he would give me the money I would miss out of making if I’d go to meet his mom, but I wouldn’t hear it!! Geeze, how do I get in these messes? He was nice, cute and rich but not for me at that time. We dated other people and stayed friends.
I was bartending one night when we had a go-go dancer and a guy came in and asked if he could bring in his father. I said of course!! He said his father was from the hills of Tennessee and never been to a public bar much less one with a go-go dancer. I told him it would be fun to see his reaction. So in he comes with his hillbilly father. He was a huge man, muscular and about 6’5”. He lumbered up to the bar and they ordered beers.
His father turned to look at the dancer and yelled out real loud “My God, that girl is NAKED”!! We all lost it!! He was shy, and totally shocked at the sight. He couldn’t look at her!!. The poor guy he was old (probably 50) and never been in a public place like this.
I remember one guy had a party at his single wide trailer and we all got drunk. He passed out, and I was getting a ride home when we came across one of those sawhorse barriers with the flashing yellow caution light on it. Well I decided it would be cool to “borrow” it and leave it in the guy’s trailer. So we did. We placed it in the living room and left. The poor guy woke up that night and saw this bright eerie yellow flashing light coming from his living room!! He thought we were being invaded!! He had no idea where that came from!! HAHAHAHA

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