Monday, June 21, 2004

Chapter 15…….1972 Virginia Beach

We got down to Virginia Beach around May or June. My sister was living in a nice neighborhood about a mile up from the beach. She had a baby boy (Tim) in September 1971, and her daughter Donna who was 4 ½ and her husband that was in the navy stationed at Oceana. I found a doctor and went to see him. He did some tests and came out and told me I was pregnant!! I was in total shock!! I told him it was impossible because I didn’t have a boyfriend!! I explained the situation to him, but he said I was still pregnant!! I broke down in his office and he gave me a number to call if I wanted help. It was for Planned Parenthood.
I got home and called my friend in Alexandria. While talking with her, we came to the conclusion that I must’ve been taken advantage of in my drunken passed out state on the night of my party three months before. Someone must’ve hid in another room while she was getting people out of my apartment. I have no idea who, what, how many it could have been!! I was passed out!! I guess now-a-days they call it rape. Back then and even now I blame myself for getting so damned drunk I couldn’t function!!. Boy, that must’ve been really fun for the guy, huh? The bastard!! What goes around comes around buddy, you’ll get your due!!
So now here I am again, single, pregnant and now living across the country in a strange place. I had no idea what to do!! I was petrified!! I didn’t want this baby because I had no idea who the father was or even what race. I’m not prejudice, but in 1972 it wasn’t cool to have a baby out of wedlock and another race. I called the number for Planned Parenthood and the next thing I know I was flying up to LaGuardia airport. A man met me at the airport and drove me to the abortion clinic in a limousine. There was a lot of counseling and education before the procedure. I had plenty of time to change my mind, but I felt I had no other choice at that time. I was still hurt from having my stillborn two years before, and now really feeling guilty!! I thought it was horrible for me to have an abortion after losing another baby!! Was this what was supposed to happen? I didn’t want to go back on welfare, and I couldn’t see me moving home and I was living with my sister and no job. I prayed about it and asked for forgiveness and went on with the abortion. I flew back to Virginia Beach that same evening.
I decided I needed to look for a job to earn enough monaey to either go home or do something!!. I walked into a place called “The Red Baron Inn” and applied for a job. The gal there hired me right away. It was a tavern. What better place for a drunk to work??!! Whoo hoo!! I bluffed my way to learning the trade. But beer isn’t really hard to pour so it was easy and fun. Egads, I get to talk and flirt with all the guys and get paid for it too!! They were building a stage and I asked what it was for, and they said for the girls to dance on. HUH???? Go-go dancers. OH!! Okay!! Topless go-go dancers!! HUH?? UH-OH!!
Dear mom & dad, I am working at a topless go-go place…….as the bartender!!
The first night I worked as a waitress and there was a go-go dancer performing. I was sooo embarrassed!! I couldn’t look at her. The guys were all hooting it up, and I made great tips! The guys were a lot of fun and SINGLE!!
It didn’t take me long to make friends there. I worked at nights and drank at the after hours clubs and slept during the day.
I think I will break here so I can try and remember all that went on in Virginia Beach and post more tomorrow

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