Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Chapter 17 yet more Virginia Beach

There were a lot of bars in the area. Bars meant beer and wine, and were considered family restaurants. If you wanted mixed drinks you went to private “bottle clubs”. Bottle clubs sold “set ups”, and you brought your own bottle. You left the bottle at the bar with your named taped on it, and bought rum & cokes or what ever you drank for 60 cents and they used your booze. The bar manager always kept his private stash back the bar for people like me that showed up thirsty and no booze. They made money off of me! I went to the Fleet Reserve just outside of Oceana, and also the EM Club on the base. There was also White Sands.
I was at the Fleet one night and a guy got really drunk and was kicked out about 1AM. We were leaving about 3AM and the guy was outside standing at attention, passed out cold!! We left him there and went on home.
I went to the “Nashville East” a lot after work and on my days off. Little Jimmy Dickens was singing there one night, and my friends and I sat and got drunk with him. He was a disgusting old womanizer, but a good performer on stage.
Once a friend of mine we called “Preach” had a party on a small yacht. I was impressed and thought it was pretty cool. I found out later he just crashed the boat and we were all trespassing!! YIKES!!! He knew the people were not around and helped himself aboard. I sure had classy friends, huh? It’s amazing I have never been arrested!
I dated a guy named Denny from Eastern Washington. He took me to Norfolk to see the Carpenters. It was a great concert. They had a perfect sound together. He took me to better places, but I got too drunk for him. He didn’t like the fact that I got drunk a lot. I just never knew when to slow down or quit drinking. The more fun I had, the faster I drank. It never occurred to me that I had a drinking problem then. I was having way too much fun!! I was at a “pool party” once with him and everyone was standing around sipping their cocktails. It was so boring. I decided to have fun, so drunk as I was, I jumped into the pool fully clothed! I was too drunk to realize I couldn’t swim. I had on a knit mini dress and stockings. Well the next day I woke up in a strange bed and still had the dress on, but it had shrunk to about half it’s size, and my false eyelashes and mascara were down my cheeks!! Boy was I ever a sight!! That was the last date I had with him. He must’ve lost my phone number or something!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
My sister woke me up one morning yelling at me to get dressed. I was naked on their living room floor and my brother in law found me!! I had no idea how I got there or who brought me home. Luckily I didn’t get pregnant that time. I wasn’t on the pill because I never planned on having sex. I just got drunk and things happened. I hated going to work the next day after getting that drunk because each guy that smiled at me I wondered if it was him, and what was he smiling at?!!
I was working one night and doubled over in excrutiating stomach pain. I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk. They rushed me by ambulance to the emergency room, and my boyfriend of the day was in the hall waiting for me. The doctor came in and asked me some questions and pulled the curtains to examine me. He stuck his finger inside my butt and I let out the biggest fart I have ever heard in my life!! The curtains blew sideways it was so big and loud!! He asked me what my diet consisted of, and I told him I drank beer and ate tacos every day. They sold tacos at the bar I worked at so that is what I ate. He suggested getting a better diet. Well there was no hiding the fact that gas was my problem that night!! My boyfriend soon to be ex heard it all!! When I got back to work the word was out!! I had the most expensive fart that night. $50.00!!
My brother in law had a sister Carol that came out to visit. She was a day older than I was and single. We were like two peas in a pod, and boy did we ever party!! We ended up getting an apartment together. We were not good examples for my sister’s kids, and couldn’t really party hardy there. I think Carol might’ve been a bit wilder than me. She was really thin and got a job waitressing at a place that had the gals wear negligees as a uniform!! Topless was really popular in those days.
I was told by a lot of people that things are going to be different when Ed the owner came back to town. I was afraid I would lose my job because he did not like the go go dancers and also Lori and Bob were not going to work there any more when Ed came back. I was working one night alone and about midnight a short pudgy cute guy came in and asked me all sorts of questions about the place and me. His name was Ed. A guy at the end of the bar told me it was the owner.

Tomorrow, meet Ed Free.

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