Saturday, December 27, 2003


Oh boy!! Oh boy!! We're supposed to get some snow today!!! Oh boy!! Oh boy!!! I just LOVE snow!!! Thank you Rachel!!! It's coming down from Alaska!!
I am like a kid when it comes to the white stuff. We hardly ever get snow, so when we do it is a real treat!! When I worked on the ambulance it wasn't very fun though. Alot of accidents and treacherous driving. I slid once while driving the rig and it was scarey. I have to go to Bellevue on Monday morning to get a Cervical nerve block shot in my neck. I only hope the roads are drivable then. I drive safely, but it is the other idiot I worry about!!
Alot of people moved up here from California. They buy 4X4 SUV's then think they are safe. They are the ones to look out for!!
But I am not going to let that dampen the thrill of seeing snow today!!!