Saturday, December 06, 2003


Well I was in the Coupeville Annual Christmas Parade tonight, as you can see from my sister's picture. I get the "fun" part of the job. I do the public outreach and P.R. stuff. It is a fun job.
I think small town parades are sooooooo hokey!!! the Fire Department had 4 vehicles in it, the Bus, the Boy Scouts, the Lion's Club, the farms had two shetland ponies pulling small buggies, a group of Carolers, etc. The people were on the sidewalk waving at us. I had my neighbors kids in the bus and made them all wear silly elf hats. I had one that looked like a Santa Jester Hat. Thanks to .
We wear those when we deliver Christmas to the needy families on Christmas Eve. Santa goes into the house with a bag of presents and we sneak in after him and put a box of food in the kitchen and more presents under the tree then hurry out to the next house!! What fun it is to see the looks on the little kids faces when they see Santa come in to the house with a bag of presents for them and asking for them by name!!! To see the magic happen right there in person!!! There is no way anyone will ever convince them that Santa does not exist!!!
I remember when I was aout 5 years old, I was asleep in the loft bedroom with my sister on Christmas eve, and I heard jingle bells and Santa yelling HO HO HO. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window and saw Santa and his Sleigh flying across the sky!!! I still remember seeing it!!! It was REAL!!!! I'm sure mom and dad were probably drunk and giggling and making all the noises, but.....I SAW SANTA FLYING ACROSS THE SKY!!!! I am 54 years old and still remember it as if it were yesterday. I love the magic of the Holidays. It can be warm and wonderful memories if you keep the magic in it. It doesn't have to cost alot of money, only if you let it!! I like the homemade things, and the stories. My favorite Christmas movie is "Prancer" I am that little girl that sees the real reindeer in the woods!!! then my next favorite is "Christmas Vacation". The Griswolds!!! Ahh, it's all about being the biggest and best!!!
Nope, it is about brotherly love and sharing homemade cookies with your neighbors, and going caroling in the nursing homes. Making amends to people you have hurt, forgiving people that have hurt you. Oh geeze, I am getting too mushy now!!! Time to go to bed!!
A parting note:
What did the guest sing at the Eskimo's Christmas party ?
Freeze a jolly good fellow !