Friday, December 19, 2003


Well I visited my last Senior Center today with Santa! I had on my Jester Santa hat, and gloves, and santa hat earrings, and painted my fingernails like candy canes. We went during their lunch and passed out candy canes and hugged the old folks. They were rather bored looking until we walked in, and quite a few faces lit up!! It didn't take long, and we didn't do much, but we put smiles on their faces. That is what it is about!! Spreading cheer!! Then there was the dirty old man that wanted me to goose him, so I did!! hehehehe The past three days we visited four centers. On the way home we drove by a neighborhood, and I heard a faint voice yell out "Santa"!! So I stopped the van and backed up and told Santa to get out there and give him a candy cane!! Boy, that little boy was so excited!!! (so was I).
I go back to work Monday. On Christmas Eve morning I go out again with Santa and other elves and deliver Christmas to the "Forgotten Children". We have about 100 families to deliver to. Now that is quite an experience!!
Later, folks!!! Enjoy the holidays!! I sure do!!