Saturday, December 13, 2003


Whew!! I made it through the busy week!! I got off work at 4:00 today and went to my boss' house to babysit for her two adopted Chinese girls. They are absolutely adorable. May will be 5 years old in March, and Tai is 3 1/2 . they are the happiest kids I have ever seen!! They are always giggling. um let me rephrase that. They are laughing hysterically most of the time!! I gave them a stern look when they were chasing each other through the kitchen/dining room, and they both stopped and looked at me and laughed hysterically!! I am really effective as a disciplinarian I see. I had fun with them. We made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, and May was buttering the inside of the bread, and I tried to explain to her it was the wrong side, and she looked at me very serious and said "this is the way mommy does it, and I want to do it the way mommy does". Well OK!! I let her, and she ate it.
We watched the "Lion King 2" then we ate the dinner then we played with the dogs and cats. I took them upstairs to brush their teeth and they both flossed like professionals!! We then went downstairs and they played with the dogs leash. They were running through the place with the long nylon leash and I got a funny feeling like "oh my gosh, they might tie me up!!" They aren't that bad, but I will tell you, the thought went through my head!!
About 9:30 I told them to get their nightgowns on, but they didn't want to go to bed. I let them stay up until their parents came home at 10:30. My gosh, my boss is a year younger than me and is adopting the third girl next month. I have alot of respect for her for doing that. She has done an absolutely marvelous job in raising the two they have already. Her wild and crazy goofy personality has rubbed off on her girls. Her husband has alot of patience!! He is retired and stays home with the girls while Martha goes to work.
At my age there is no way I could do that!!! I treasure my solitude!! Until the next time...